google cloud product overview

Google Cloud – Product Overview and Business Transformation

Google Cloud Products offer a variety of solutions to businesses that want to transform digitally. In this post we will take a look at some of the Google Cloud Products and Services, and then discuss how to approach a business transformation with the help of Google Cloud. The post contains reference to the Google Cloud website and training videos on Coursera What is Cloud? Cloud computing refers the technology and processes needed to store, manage, access, and process data over the internet rather than on local machines or local servers. On demand… Read More »Google Cloud – Product Overview and Business Transformation

Product Manager’s Toolkit

Below are some resources that a product manager will find useful while navigating their job. This is a collection of ideas and frameworks (with some adaptations) that will enable a product manager to give structure to their approach to product management. Visualize the Customer Funnel using AIDAOR Attention Interest Desire Action Onboarding Retention Attention How do you grab the attention of your potential customers? Is It organic? Is it via paid advertisement? What is the the click through rate on your ad? Interest Once you have the attention, where does… Read More »Product Manager’s Toolkit

aws certified solutions architect associate part 1

AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)- Part 1

Here are my notes from my AWS Solutions Architect Exam preparation. Before we get into the details of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect content, let’s get a brief introduction of AWS itself. What is AWS? AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a Cloud Provider, much like Google Cloud. AWS helps organizations large and small to quickly scale up and scale down their resources for storage, computing, and networking based on their demand with minimal upfront costs. The popular streaming company, Netflix, uses AWS to manage video streams for their global customer… Read More »AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)- Part 1